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Online Reservations

If the flight is delayed, will the bus, minibus, taxi driver wait for us?
Our cab drivers are professionals and are accustomed to. Thanks to the information you sent in the booking/budget form, they knows the delay in your flight and they will wait until you arrives to the airport meeting point.


Transfers in Minivan, Minibus or Bus

The drivers use tachograph, we can guarantee the waiting time if your flight has less than 30 mn delay. If the flight have more than 30 minutes delay and the driver can comply with the current regulations, will wait for you, if the driver does not have enough tachograph time due to current regulations, he can not wait. We regret this inconvenient

If my flight is delayed or cancelled. Do we have to pay for extra waiting time at the airport?
If your flight is delayed or cancelled there are not extra charge

What happens if the flight is cancelled?

Do not worry about this, has no extra charge. Please, if you wish, you can fill a new reservation, or phone us

What Should I do if my luggage is delayed or lost at the Palma de Mallorca airport?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, calling the phone number that we provide in the confirmation message of your reservation

Where can I find the minibus, bus or taxi driver at the arrival in the Palma de Mallorca airport PMI?

Your driver will meet you at the meeting-point at the airport arrivals hall, inside the building with the client's name written on a sign

We can not find the bus minibus driver or taxi cab driver, what can We do?

Please go to the
Meeting-Point located between Flight "GATE C" and Exit Gate number 4 on the middle and inside the airport arrivals hall

We travel with children.
Do We need any car child seat, baby seat or booster seat?

In the budget/booking form you can include this information for your special requirements, we have all kinds of car baby seats or booster seats, for children travel comfortable and safe

Can I travel with my pet in the taxi, bus, minibus or minivan?

Yes it is, you can. Please let us to know it in the comments section of the booking form and we will arrange an appropriate vehicle. Important! don’t forget that due to the current regulations, we are forced to transport the animals in an appropriate pet box

Can I pay the bus, minibus, van, taxi transfer by credit direct to the driver?

Yes you can. All of our vehicles have this possibility. If you wish to pay by credit card, please let us know in the budget form

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

Don’t worry it has no extra charge, but we would appreciate your report

How long will your driver wait for us on our arrival at Palma de Mallorca airport PMI

60'00 minutes after landing your plane. If you phone us, the time necessary at no extra cost. If we don’t receive notice and you don't answer the telephone, we understand that the service is cancelled

Can your vehicles, minivans, taxis, minibuses, buses carry bicycles, golf bags?

Yes, each one bicycle 05,00 €, golf bags 03,00 €, surf 05,00 €, car baby seats at no cost, booster seats at nocost

How many passengers can be transported in each vehicle?

Current legislation only allows 4 persons at maximum, without exception. Minivan 1 to 7 persons, Minibus 8 to 12 persons, Minibus 13 to 22 passengers, Midibus 23 to 35 passengers, bus 36 to 55 persons.


MallorcaBuses®. Thank you very much for your interest in our services.

In order for there not be any confusion. Please be informed, that your taxi, bus, minibus, or minivan driver will wait for you at the Palma de Mallorca airport MEETING POINT (INSIDE THE BUILDING Flight GATE "C" / EXIT Gate NUMBER 4) with your name or nikname on a nameplate.

Please do not worry if the flight is delayed, it is our policy to always confirm the time of the arrival. Should your flight be delayed, there will not be an extra charge on the price of the your transfer service.

Should you not find the bus, minibus or taxi cab driver. Please contact us on the following phone numbers:

+ 34 606 670 283 TAXI Sr Xisco Bennasar.

+ 34 629 749 279 MINIVAN MINIBUS BUS Sr Rafael Severa.

WhatsApp +34606670283

Please be assured that our driver will find you immediately. As always, Mallorcabuses team love hearing from you. Just mail us at:



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